Hi, I’m Leigh Ann, mom to a cute toddler girl nicknamed Carl (yes, Carl is my baby girl) and one sweet pup, Tanner. I’m married to my high school sweetheart; 2018 will mark twelve years of marriage! We currently live in Kansas City, MO, where I work part-time as a high school teacher. The rest of my days are spent parenting, adventuring, and blogging!

We’ve always had a serious case of wanderlust, but we did the “responsible” thing when we were first married: we got grown up jobs, bought a house in our hometown, and settled in to a routine. Our lives were shaken up by a series of losses soon thereafter. Our grief was a wakeup call to us: we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, so we have to make the best of today. That’s when we started to make travel a priority, and we set off on several adventures.

We reprioritized our budget, and our travels took us to Central America, Europe, and the Western U.S. We wanted more, though! The birth of our daughter in 2015 slowed our adventures for a bit, but we still drug her along on a road trip to Napa Valley and Oregon while she was an infant. Child-rearing was not going to stop us, no matter how insane it was! In the spring of 2017, my husband Ethan and I decided to make a huge life change. We quit our stable, comfy jobs and adopted a semi-vagabond lifestyle. As a family of three humans and one canine, we moved once every thirteen weeks or so as Ethan worked for a traveling nurse agency. We experienced life in the Pacific Northwest. We lived in the urban center of Silicon Valley, the base of a major ski area in Salt Lake City, and a short distance from the beautiful Central Coast of California, in the middle of Santa Barbara wine country. It wasn’t easy. There were tons of challenges, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Life has always felt like a whole lot of scrambling to figure out “what’s next,” so we decided to just lean into the crazy and embrace it. We don’t know whatt exactly the future holds, but we’re up for the challenge. Bring on the adventure!

My goal for this blog is to be an inspiration and a testament to all you moms out there who are constantly searching for “what’s next,” be it the next adventure, the next destination, or the next week’s meal plan. Life is crazy, but I hope you’ll be inspired that it’s okay to do hard and weird things (moving four times in a year with a toddler?!) if you’re following your passion. It’s also okay to mess up. A lot. To not be perfect, or even close to it. The road to what’s next might not be clear most of the time, but half the adventure is figuring out how to get there.  I hope our story will inspire you that adventures are possible, no matter what stage of life you’re in.